Be Known as a ‘Jolly Good Fellow’ and Thus Be Remembered and Trusted as a Person in Your Community

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Give the community ‘food for talk’ about you and your business.

  1. Community leaders such as church leaders, school principals, police and fire departments, the civic servants etc love goodwill activities and do not mind to spread the word of mouth for you.
  2. The public and other business owners prefer to refer to a business that is known for expertise AND goodwill.
  3. If you are a medical or dental specialist, you will get more patient referrals from general practitioners using this strategy.
  4. The press is always looking for ‘community news’. You naturally become more newsworthy with community activities than sales events about your business.

The Principles Behind

Community leaders and organizations have a strong desire to let their parishioners, members, public know about the humanitarian community activities.

Churches, school teachers and other nonprofit organizations, are always looking to tell the community about pleasant and good things which could benefit them.

Letting people in the community know about social activities which help children, the elderly, sick, and underserved (poor) IS their job.

This is where you can cash in your chips. If you provide:

  • Programs which help children in terms of building morale, staying off drugs, improving education and in short helping them to become tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Do something for the under-served people that will help them in areas of health and basic living such as food.
  • Help the elderly people with something that acknowledges them for their past contributions and make their current existence more appreciated.

It is those activities above which churches, fire departments, school teachers and mayors as well as any and all people in the community will promote via their existing ways of contacting their members, parishioners, parents, etc.

They will use their existing church meetings, announcing in their PTAs, in their newsletters, in their direct contact with the public.

Many practice and business owners ask us “what kind of events” they should do. First of all, you will get the exact instructions on how to perform some of these events without ever leaving your office by CLICKING HERE.

Second of all, what kind of events you are doing – whether you put together programs to help children, elderly people or the under-served  — is not as important as how you PROMOTE these events and how many people HEAR about your events in connection with your name.

That’s right. How many people hear about your event is much more important than what kind of event you are doing – as long as you adhere to the principle of doing something which benefits the people of the community whether young or elderly.

Please let’s also make sure that you understand that any and all social, humanitarian activities I’m advocating you to participate in, will require extreme little time of your staff and even less time on you, the business or practice owner.

The activities that you will be engaging in are activities of concept and have nothing to do with you attending baseball games, washing graffiti off the wall, going to church, speaking at the Rotary Club or Chamber of Commerce etc.

All of us would prefer to do business with people we have affinity for. (Diplomas, many years in business, qualifications etc will never be understood fully or appreciated by your public).

In a world which has become rather impersonal – doing things which are human will differentiate you and set you apart from your competition like nothing else.

When I say ‘like nothing else’ I mean like nothing else!

You want your name to ring a bell whenever your service is needed?

Well, then give back to the community. Be part of your community !

But do it the right way or you will find yourself spending lots of time at boy scout meetings, Rotary Meetings, baseball games, etc. You will also find yourself spending money on sponsorships etc and yet you will not achieve any “jolly good fellow” recognition at all.

The town won’t talk about you.

Left Video: An example of how a simple goodwill activity garners positive press for the business owners doing the event.

Do A Good Deed

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When you are known as a community activist, – someone who is caring for the community in different ways, you win the hearts of more people than any advertising can achieve.

Local business owners, other related professions and the public at large will forward your community messages – along with your business name — to even more people.

Those same people, as well as the public at large will post your news on their Facebooks, Twitters etc.

Keep in mind that the topic of dentistry, or any other heath care field is not exactly the talk of the day, and thus to get a large following or to be put on other peoples’ Facebook is – well not happening too often in your field. You are not Paris Hilton when it comes to grabbing attention– if you might have noticed.

And even though neither will the community activities you do give you an overnight celebrity status, the way these activities garner attention will still beat any advertising you do in your profession by a long, long shot!

Newspaper reporters are on the constant lookout for ‘human interest’ stories too.

Your goodwill activities that involve the young, the old and the community at large fit the bill very well.

Remember: all of us, including you, prefer to do business with someone we actually like –someone who is involved and helping others.

The very interest we all have in children and the elderly will guarantee a name association of immense magnitude!

This concept – or strategy, is filling the most powerful offices in the world: the office of the presidency of every country in the world including the USA.

It’s like taking candy from a child – hmm – actually it’s like giving candy to a child.

So let your business be well-known as a likable entity – you will win hearts and thus new customers.

In Conclusion:

Churches, school teachers and other community groups are heavily interested in furthering anything which helps youth, elderly people or the undeserved.

Those organizations have huge followings, have natural communication lines to their members, parishioners etc.

You now are endorsed not only by people who are very influential with a large number of people, but who also have superior credibility.

It is also proven throughout the country that consumers prefer to do business with people who work with non-profit organization and who participate in community activities.

Did you know?

Harvard University MBA program does not accept students into their program if they have not, on their own and naturally, proven to participate in social community activities before applying.

They obviously believe that nobody can be a great leader and become successful if they do not contribute to their community.

You of course still must be doing the right marketing steps which tell people to take actions on your services or products. But by being well-known as a good-willed person, your sales effort will go a lot better as now your prospects trust you even before they step into your practice!

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