Small Business Dilemma: Spending too much money in marketing?

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A question many of my clients ask is “How much of my particular income should go over to marketing? What is a standard marketing budget?” Accountants and other analysts out there are always analyzing what is standard and what is good. Where they get their data about what is ‘right’, I don’t know and 99.9% is incorrect. How much do you spend on marketing? How much do you spend on dental website marketing? As much as it takes to move up and get people into your business.

Even if it costs you six times what you are making now, you need to market. Am I joking? I am absolutely not joking. Do you usually need that? No, not really. But then again maybe yes especially if you are making little money right now. That is what it will take.

I have traveled for many years and studied business while I worked for different companies. I realized that the successful companies do not ask what their budget for advertising should be.

The point is, the successful people just market more. It’s a little bit like when you are sick. How much of the doctor’s bill should you pay? When I started my business, how much money did I make? Zero. How much did I spend on marketing? It didn’t matter, whether I spent $400 or $4000 it was more than what I made because I made nothing.

I once had a client who owned a dental practice in Los Angeles. He was spending quite a bit on advertising when he first started his business.

Flyers, coupons, internet dental marketing, stuff like that. He became my client 12 or 13 years later.

At that point in time he no longer did any of those types of things. I asked him, ” Why did you stop, did it not work?” He said no, it worked, it brought people in.

He said that he advertised alot when he first opened his practice, just to get people in. However, he stopped marketing because he was told by other ‘experts’ that he should not be spending so much money! Then he paid me to tell him to start marketing again, which he did.

There are, however, tremendous amount of ways out there for dental advertising and internet dental marketing where the cost is so little that anybody can afford it. You can inch your way up.

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