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1. Be Well-Known as an Authority and Expert in Your Medical or Dental Field without Using Advertising

Become an Expert. Doctor's Marketing
The best way to be known as an expert is to GIVE lots of education about your field.
Don’t try to tell other people what are your diplomas and qualifications.
Share real information that is helpful to the public that you wish to sell.

Use Google, Youtube and 50 other large internet entities to showcase your expertise – all for free!

Use the power of the press as in traditional newspaper, TV and radio media to endorse you.

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2. Be Known as a ‘Jolly Good Fellow’ and Thus Be Remembered and Trusted as a Person in Your Community

Doing Community Events get more Clients
Give the community ‘food for talk’ about you and your business.

Community leaders such as church leaders, school principals, police and fire departments, the civic servants etc love goodwill activities and do not mind to spread the word of mouth for you.

The public and other business owners prefer to refer to a business that is known for expertise AND goodwill.

If you are a medical or dental specialist, you will get more patient referrals from general practitioners using this strategy.

The press is always looking for ‘community news’. You naturally become more newsworthy with community activities than sales events about your business.

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3. Using Free Internet Marketing Strategies to Dominate Google, Yahoo and Other Search Engines

How to Marketing using Google, Youtube
Companies like Google, Youtube etc are making millions, even billions of dollars because they provide CONTENTS to the public at large. Because of the huge amount of CONTENTS, they attract huge amount of traffic (from me, you and everyone else) which in turn makes it lucrative for advertisers to advertise with them.

Google and many internet companies, unlike traditional media, get their contents from people like you and me, – NOT from reporters. They appreciate good informational contents. Great informational content – not a sales pitch.

Even reporters are going to Google ,Youtube and blogs to search for interesting topics

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4. How to Use the Internet to Double and Triple Your Customers or Patients Referrals

Get online consumer reviews using Yelp, CitySearch, Angie, InsiderPages, Rate MD
Consumer reviews are written by the consumer for the consumer. If someone stays in a hotel room and loves their stay from the large bathroom and continental breakfast to the free mint on their pillow, they may share their experience with friends and family. Internet sources, like Angie’s List, Citysearch and Yelp, help to amplify word of mouth reviews. These sites allow both the consumer and the business to participate in the review process.

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5. New and Current Marketing Trends and Neat Ideas which have worked for Dentists and Other Health Care Professionals across the Country

New Marketing Trends: Groupon
New marketing trends and ideas

Using Groupon to increase new customers

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