How to Use the Internet to Double and Triple Your Customers or Patients Referrals

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The internet has made communication of ideas and information a lot easier, cheaper and faster than any media out there.

This is good news for a practice or business owner who would like many new patients/customers to know about his or her services or products.

However, on the flip side of the coin, how about bad news? Bad news travel just as fast, if not faster, thanks to the internet!

There are more and more ‘review web sites’ where consumers are asked to rate and comment on the services and products of a vendor.

These reviews do come up on the 1st page of Google when people are searching for a doctor or a business like a restaurant in a particular area.

Recently I spoke with one doctor who has a couple of below average ratings and reviews and because they do show up on the 1st page of Google, those reviews affected his practice negatively, even though those few reviews do not reflect the majority of opinion of satisfied patients.

Too often is the case of a doctor who by being ignorant of such sites, become the victim of a few negative internet reviews without even knowing about them.

The good news is, if you know how to use the review sites to your advantage, you could get to the 1st page of Google easily with positive reviews — and all these without paying for advertising.

Don’t be a victim of negative reviews. Don’t let your good work be swept under the carpet.

The truth is, whenever you have done a fantastic job as a doctor or have provided a great product for your customers, most customers think that your good services/products are ‘expected’ and they do not necessarily find it ‘special’ enough to tell other people about it.

But if you follow certain protocol, you could increase the number of referrals and positive reviews, without ever resorting to expensive advertising.

That is also why our basic principle in Un-Advertising is: get other organizations and people to toot the horn for you instead of you tooting your own horn!

I have prepared a report on how to overcome negative reviews and promote positive reviews about your practice and how to have them show up on the 1st page of Google.

Click Here on How to Handle Bad Customer/Patients Reviews on the Internet and How to Use the Same Principle to Get Listed High on the First Page of Google with A Super High Conversion Rate

Un-Advertising strategies to DOUBLE your practice and DOUBLE your income

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Here are the 7 Un-Advertising strategies to DOUBLE your practice and DOUBLE your income:

Strategy 1: Receive FREE exposure constantly in the media without spending a dime in advertising

  • People simply believe in news more so than in advertising!
  • Learn how to get your practice featured FOR FREE on TV, radio and in newspapers as positive news.
  • Doing this exactly the way as we teach you in your Un-Advertising program, you will get about 6-20 free press exposures a year – without spending money in advertising.
  • High-quality patients will knock on your door instead of you looking for them.
  • You will attract higher quality employees to work for you as your business is now more well-known

When the media endorses you, it is the best and most-believed ‘advertising’.

– Helmut G Flasch, CEO Doctor Relations

Watch the videos below for further explanations.

Differentiate Yourself Promoting Yourself as an Expert Through Media

Strategy 2: Get patient referrals from other doctors, – socially and clinically- without you or your staff ever needing to leave the office.

  • Learn how to get social and casual referrals from doctors who might not even be connected to you clinically.
  • A dentist can receive patients from a medical doctor and vice versa! How many doctors of other professions are in your area? If you spend no advertising money and yet get ONE patient referral from each one of the doctors, how much ROI is that for you?
  • If you are a specialist, this program will increase patient referrals from other doctors in your area without you even asking for referrals! How many more doctors would you like to have in your referring network? Un-Advertising accomplishes deep connections with other doctors without you having to leave your practice.
  • This program will also attract the health care professionals from other fields to become your patients. Would you like to become the doctor of other health care professionals? This strategy will show you how!

“Most people have great connections but they do not know how to harness them.”

– Jeffery Gitomer, Sales Guru and NY Times Best Selling Author.

Watch the video below for further explanations.

Increasing Referrals From Health
Care Professionals

Strategy 3: Get business owners to become your patients and also refer their staff, friends and customers

  • Most doctors market directly to consumer households but they forget another high quality source of patients – small business in the area.
  • Regardless of whether you are a specialist or general practitioner, attract business owners in your area, their staff and/or their customers to become your patients.
  • Learn how to receive patient referrals from small and large businesses around you – without spending advertising money.
  • Our program will show you that you can make valuable business connections with CEO’s and small business owners without ever leaving your office.

“All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.”

Napoleon Hill, American Author “Think and Grow Rich”

Strategy 4: Get FREE 3rd-party endorsements from community leaders

Community leaders, such as Fire Chiefs, Police Chiefs, Red Cross Chiefs, Mayors, City Council Members, Church Leaders and School Principals and teachers etc have increasable influence on the community.

  • Learn how to get local community leaders to speak well about your practice to the public that they meet.
  • You do not have to leave your office nor participate in any political events, religious meetings or educational ‘sponsorship’ to get this support.
  • Getting referrals from highly respected public servants is probably the most elegant way of getting quality patients.

“Other people saying good things about you is more powerful than you saying good things about yourself” – Unknown

Strategy 5: Drastically increase patient’s referral without ever asking for a referral.

  • How to have existing patients coming back over and over again more than now
  • How to make a patient refer other new patients to you – without you asking directly?
  • How to elegantly up-sell or deliver more services that a patient could benefit from?
  • Certain diagnostics and tests are necessary for patients and reimbursements are excellent for the doctors. Find out how you could incorporate these into your practice through our ‘Health and Wealth Through Diagnostics’ program

“In marketing I’ve seen only one strategy that can’t miss – and that is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last.”

– John Romero, American Inventor

Watch the video below for further explanations.

Improving Patient Referrals

Strategy 6: How to use effective mass marketing strategies that are inexpensive and will bring you high ROI.

  • If you MUST advertise, we will show you how do you do it effectively without spending an arm and a leg
  • Which type of advertising is most suitable for doctors? Use the right ones to improve your profits.
  • Learn how even inexpensive advertising can attract higher quality patients.
  • Find out why advertising alone has little chance of a good ROI, what’s needed to make advertising working.

Strategy 7: Teamwork and alignment of your staff that bring more profits in the office

  • Are staff meetings necessary? Why do some of the staff meetings not result in more production and are just a waste of time?
  • How to motivate your staff when you are not even motivated yourself?
  • Learn how to groom your staff to be responsible and effective
  • We give you an accurate staff evaluation tool to screen “WHO” should work for you in the first place. Some people might be meticulous and leave no crumbs on the table, and they are needed for many tasks, such as accounting, programming etc. but is that person good as a sales person or office manager?
  • This tool will show you why some tasks are not to your liking and others are pleasing to you. The tool will show you how to (a) concentrate and get even more benefits from the tasks you like and (b) free yourself from the task you do not care so much about or improve on it by sheer knowing what is going on.

“Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.”

Stephen R. Covey, Best-selling author

Watch the video below for further explanations.

Staff and Teamwork

Bonus Strategy #1:
Using Social Media to start a non-stop viral

marketing campaign about your message

Watch the video below for further explanations.

How to use Social Media In your Business

Bonus Strategy #2:

Free with Purchase of our Double Your Take-Home Profits Premier Program.

Become an author – Not just an author – but a BESTSELLING Author
  • Authors are the most influential people in the world.
  • A book is believed, believed, believed….
  • Authors get invited to any and all radio shows, TV shows and all reporters want to write and quote an author.
  • The media, the community leaders, the medical field, and the patients will regard you as the undisputed EXPERT in your field.
  • You will be able to promote anything you want to promote – in your specific field of expertise and even other areas – simply because you are an author – a bestselling author in that.
  • You will get more requests for seminar speeches from professional and social organizations (if you want) than you will be able to do.
  • Your name will live on as a celebrity for your grandchildren to hear about it and be able to brag about it – and that’s the way it is.
In short – you will get the largest number of best paying patients from any of your competition by a long shot. A book gives you nothing less but a home run or a land slide win – nothing less!

“Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind, which are delivered down from generation to generation as presents to the posperity of those who are yet unborn.”

Joseph Addison (May 1, 1672 – June 17, 1719) an English essayist and poet.


Your Book is the Best Brochure

Becoming A Best-Selling Author Is Like Winning The Olympics

(And like winning the Olympics,

it is only the beginning of great recognition and financial success)

Your service will include:

*** The “YOU-DO-NO-WORK” marketing program ***

Doctor Relations will do about 90% of all the work while showing you and your staff how to do it by watching us. You the Doc, literally lifts no finger, but still gets the benefits of having a system which can easily be managed by your staff after it is all set up.
Unlimited consultation– This is the strongest pillar of your success in your Un-Advertising program. You will get unlimited personal guidance and strategic alignment on your progress until your pre-determined practice goal is reached (Usually WE DOUBLE YOUR income/new patients numbers within an 8-12 months time period.) Guarantied!!!
Training materials and scripts in audio, visual and printed format – These materials are filled with step-by-step instructions and detailed road maps on how to increase your business profits (over 250 pages of materials). The “Welcome to Success” Audio CDs and DVDs series are provided for you to learn about the principles and mechanics behind each strategy to double your business.
Building a Solid Prospect Database – You will get free mailing lists of potential prospects in your area (a $1500 value). When you have established a solid bridge from your potential customers to you, you can automate the marketing process, your marketing cost goes way down and your personal time gets free up!
Copy and Design Support – To speed up the execution of the marketing campaigns for your unique business, we will write the exact marketing copy for your campaigns and we will help you put together designs and sales letters with our 18 years of ad copy experience.
Creating Your Book – We will interview you for your book, and write a book which represents you, which will be fun to read and give the reader many points on staying healthy. Your book will be loved by any and all other medical specialists as it will edify their need for existence. Your work to write this book and make it a best seller will be counted in hours not days .

UN-Advertising Gives You A Turn-key

Marketing System

*** This is the “YOU-DO-NO-WORK” marketing program ***

  • McDonald’s, Microsoft, Starbucks and many large successful companies do not necessarily have a better product.
  • But one thing that they have that most small business owners do not have is this: a
    business system.
  • Successful companies do not allow their marketing efforts to be dependable on the mood or personal time of the business owner.
  • Their marketing systems
    carry out the required marketing like clockwork.
  • As a business owner, you no longer need to hop from marketing ideas to marketing ideas, get roller-coaster results and only in the end conclude that ‘marketing does not work anymore’.