Be Well-Known as an Authority and Expert in Your Medical or Dental Field without Using Advertising

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The best way to be known as an expert is to give lots of education about your field.

Don’t try to tell other people what are your diplomas and qualifications.

Share real information that is helpful to the public that you wish to sell.

Strategy #1: Use the power of the local press such as traditional newspaper, TV and radio media to endorse you.

Strategy #2: Publish your own book (the best business card, and promotional item you will ever create) and make it a best seller. Not that difficult – really. Note: you do not need to physically write the book to have a best seller in your hand,

Strategy #3: Provide easily understood content that is beneficial to your public and have other entities promote these contents for you – for free!

The principles behind Strategy #1: Getting press in the local media to market (a dental or medical practice or any small businesses)

Again, the principle of having a medical or dental practice or any small business promoted and endorsed for free by some entity which has a huge following is at play here.

We all have heard of the “power of the press”.

Many small business owners and dentists etc have tried to be featured in the press without avail.

Actually getting into the press is rather simple if you know what the press needs.

And what does the press need? Data which is NEW. After all, that is why they call it the ‘news’.

Ninety-nine percent of what you and me consider news is NOT news to the newspaper or TV, radio etc.

In fact just about every press release I see which dentists and doctors try to submit to get featured in the news is so self-serving from the start that it is obvious why the reporters are ignoring it.

Here is what needs to happen for you or your practice/business to get in the news:

You need to tie your press release or contents to national or international news.

For eg, a Japan university’s news about how gum disease could open the door to Aids due to weakening of the immune system, could now be commented on by a local dentist of how this would be possible – or not possible. It would be rather immaterial whether the local dentist speaks for or against the international news.

What is most important is that a piece of national or international news could now be ‘re-package’ to a local media audience especially through the additional viewpoint of an “expert voice” from the same local area.

The news of unsafe Toyota’s could be the perfect chance for a local car mechanic to share his two-cents.

The news of the health insurance bill could be news for any doctor, insurance agent, business owner etc.

The important thing is to mention the “famous source and the famous media which has already reported on the matter.

The press has tremendous power, but just like you must know and be trained on how to use a high speed drill you must learn how to use the press, otherwise you will be just running in circles and soon be saying that the media in your area does NOT report on your profession.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As you have succeeded to get yourself mentioned or published in the news, there is still one more step. You should make your press copy constantly visible to your clients or patients and prospects.

You do this by making copies of the printed article (full article or just excerpts) or design a copy of the TV/radio report, blowing the copy up. but in any case make nice displays which you hang in the office, display them on your website, mail to prospects and patients, so that you make sure they see it as they might have missed it in the paper or TV etc.

Many media outlets have websites which will also have an internet version of your news.

There are actually ways that cost next to nothing to have the entire internet community hear about your news and have that news easily be found on the 1st page of Google.

In fact, you can create the image of an expert without relying on press exposure. Marketing actions should be worked together in synergy and as a strategy rather than just doing one marketing tatic.

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The Principles Behind Strategy #2: “Becoming a Bestseller Author”

You have seen it – you know it:

Write a book and become an instant authority.

Become a bestseller and literally become an immortal – a legend.

TV, Radio, Newspapers love to interview authors.

A book is your ultimate brochure that will make you millions!

A normal brochure is a brochure, is a brochure, is a brochure, is a brochure. It is a flyer that talks about YOU and it is designed by some designers.

Your brochure has no further use and into the trash can it goes. And you and your practice will be forgotten almost the very same minute. Out-of-sight means out-of-mind.

How do you differentiate your brochure or information package from the sea of brochures and information packages out there?

Books are the very best brochures ever invented! There are a few ways you can use books as the ultimate brochure:

  • You get your own book – do not be limited to your profession only and do not make it dry and technical. Make sure that you edify other products or professions so that the book becomes a useful tool for many, as in point four below
  • You make it a best seller – this can be done with almost 100% certainty using specific marketing techniques. Correct book marketing strategies will accomplish this for you within 6 months.
  • You use it as a brochure to potential patients/customers (they will love it even more if it is a best seller).
  • You recruit (sell) other businesses, large, and small, to use your book as a gift item, or as a health guide or as a motivational item, or as a employee recruiting tool, depending on your book type.
  • Authors, especially best-selling authors, are well-received on radio and TV channels across the country, and especially in the area you are from. You are now an expert and if you learn how to “use” this celebrity status to your advantage, you will have set the foundation for a celebrity status and for an exit strategy that will make you money long after you have retired from your profession.

In addition, as you have companies, organizations, and associations buying your book in bulk, you will get the windfall benefit of the readers showing up in your practice and also purchasing other services, memberships or products the book might have mentioned.

IMPORTANT: You do not need to write your own book. If you are like many business owners who do not have the time nor the inclination to write even a newsletter, here is the good news: you can become a best selling author without ever lifting a finger to write!

In any case, this is an important as well as a longer chapter and there is a separate section which will show you how to get a book written and make it a bestseller as well as what to do to turn all these into professional and personal success of great magnitude.

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The principles behind Strategy #3: Provide easily understood content that is beneficial to your public and have other entities promote these contents for you – for free!

The internet has become the most convenient medium to spread any information to a large audience.

It makes content-sharing easy, cheap and fast and ‘viral marketing’ (spreading like a virus) can occur due to the vast ‘word-of-mouse’ potential of the web.

How about putting your contents in a way where other web sites could carry your content and promote your contents for you easily?

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