Dental Advertising:Let Other People Pay For Your Marketing

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Not having enough time and money to get new patients are the two top complaints, whether one is doing dental advertising for a general dental office, or engaging in referral-based marketing to other healthcare professionals.

Even specialists like orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists and oral surgeons find it a constant struggle to grow their business. Each time they attempt a dental advertising technique , whether it’s orthodontic marketing, periodontist marketing, oral surgeon marketing or endodontist marketing etc., they need to spend time and money to “please” a limited pool of dentists to try and acquire new patients that way.

What if you utilized a dental advertising system where other community entities and groups could toot your horn for you – thus saving you lots of time and money?

Dental Advertising: Watch Others Toot Your Horn

Look at it this way for a moment:

  • You do not build your own road, but use the roads which are already built.
  • Even if you are a car mechanic, or a really talented engineer, you do not build your own car yourself; instead you get someone to build it for you.
  • When traveling, logical thinking dictates that you only put yourself on transportation that has pre-existing routes to your destination. You do not build a new vehicle and create a new route to get there.

So, why the dickens would you want to build your own dental advertising avenues?

Why not put your message on channels and media that are already in existence and which will carry your message for free or, at the very least, with a minute amount of money?

Here are a few examples on how to have other people and companies and organizations distribute your message for free or for little.

dental advertising First, in order to use dental advertising to its maximum benefit,  you need to look for entities which have established communication lines to people who are also your target market to push your dental advertising message.

There are plenty of them out there such as churches, non-profit organizations, mass media and other businesses whose clientele are similar to yours. Keep in mind that I said their clientele is “similar” – but not the same.

For e.g., if you are a plumber, then your clients go to churches, they belong to non-profit organizations and they have kids, which means they probably have a school teacher. That’s a contact right there. Other businesses, such as a restaurant, a dentist or a dry-cleaner are all seeking the same demographic.

If you are a manufacturer and do B2B, then many other businesses want to sell to the same businesses that you sell to.

Even though a business can sometimes have a very narrow demographic, the above example still applies. All a dentist or an entrepreneur needs to do with this method of business and dental advertising is to be a bit resourceful, sit down and think of who is out there that is already making connections to your target market or to the people who talk to your target market.

Do not forget — Google, Yahoo, YouTube and hundreds of such sites which are worth billons of dollars make a living selling traditional business and dental advertising to the ones who do not know any better.

Please do NOT be one of the advertisers, but make Google promote your dental advertising efforts for free in a way few others can, due to the power Google possesses in generating such massive traffic to its site. Google and all the other sites I mentioned do NOT create any content. They rely on user-generated content that YOU create and post to the internet. Because there is always a need for content, Google and sites like Google generate mass revenue because of the content YOU provide them with. In your case, that would be your dental advertising messages.

Sound pretty smart? It is! The Los Angeles Times and the New York Times newspapers work exactly the same. They offer content (news) because individuals want to read it and thus other people advertise. The difference is, they have to hire and pay reporters to provide content. Google pays nothing to reporters because they are getting their content for free.

Google uses the entire world as a “reporter” – including you.

So, if you are providing something valuable to the internet that also encompasses your dental advertising message, and you do it often enough, Google will take notice of the amount of dental advertising content that you are posting to the web to promote your clinic and they will love you for it because you are lining their pockets with advertising revenue while you are getting increased exposure and new patients to line your own pockets. Play it right and Google, Yahoo, YouTube etc., will bring you financial freedom that will only cost you pennies for your dental advertising!

This is one – only one — area of using other people’s money to market and to turn your dental advertising endeavors into glowing endorsements.

Ok, let’s go on.

In fact,  ONLY acknowledging people you are certain will use your professional services is deadly as they have many, many influencers who are NOT your prospects, but as said, can and will influence your prospect. (To clarify, this is sort of like becoming friendly with the brother or friend of the girl you want to date in order to secure an introduction to her. Right? Of course I am right! )

Actually, targeted dental advertising has turned out to be a liability for those that don’t recognize the interaction or the synergy required in this world to achieve success.

Too much emphasis has been made by marketing specialists about target and precise dental advertising for the purpose of raising their fees to reach those target markets.

Those “medical and dental advertising gurus” create a mystery, which is damaging; plus, it does not hold true.

They make you spend thousands of useless dollars to reach “the exact and ideal” prospects directly (when in most cases they’ve no clue who that is anyway) and completely overlook the rather inexpensive and obvious dental advertising methods to reach their prospects via other people!

As said, if you wish to reach out to the small-town business owner because he has more funds, you will probably also reach them in the masses referred to as his customers. Company owners are, after all, customers too.

Or, if you would like a particular income level, well, just target zip codes with houses of a specific price which, in turn, will include your target market.

If your goal is more of a family-oriented clinic, then modify your dental advertising campaigns to reach parents with teenagers, well, visit the schools and reach out to ANY household, Every household knows at least one friend or family member who has kids.

Targeting a specific company can be performed by reaching out to their employees as well as their suppliers, and by providing valuable and compelling data to them which has nothing to do with your practice — but, it has them talking about you.

Be resourceful and you’ll locate a dozen avenues to assist with your dental advertising efforts in securing additional patients for your practice.

It really is all about connections. People do not make deals in boardrooms anymore. They make them on the fairway, or while surfing, or at church, synagogue or temple. It’s in locations like these where there’s a friendly and casual personal connection where men and women know folks who know even much more individuals who might be looking for your expertise!

Viral marketing in online dental advertising actually takes care of all that for you.

In any case, you need to find a way to have other people pay for your dental advertising initiatives. In no way should you be paying exorbitant fees for dental advertising when it is available to you at little cost.

Dental Advertising Entities Who Will Promote You

  • The media (newspaper, TV, radio, etc.)
  • Trade magazines from your related professions
  • Industries who are doing business with the type of industry you do business with
  • Community leaders small and large; church leaders, politicians, etc.
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Professional associations from you as well as from related fields
  • People who purchase as consumers from your targeted prospects
  • Google, Yahoo, YouTube and another hundred such sites (use them to promote you because they want your content)
  • And oh, let’s not forget about your clients and your prospects (they can throw you a bone every so often and the following ways of contacting them work really well for them)

There are four types of messages in dental advertising:

  1. One is the talking about one’s service or product and offering their expertise
  2. The second is to provide free content and educational messages about your service or product. Give industry/market data information rather than product information.
  3. The third would be to provide information on business-related issues such as marketing or business, medical and dental advertising tips, hiring tips, organizational tips, where to get a good deal on XYZ product or service, even tips on how an individual or a company could help their clients would be appreciated as it usually results in more sales for them and, thus, qualifies as a marketing tip.
  4. The fourth is to have a community and humanitarian message (connected to actions) which the public, in general, as well as community leaders such as priests, rabbis, teachers, business owners, doctors, city employees, non-profit organizations and their employees, will be happy to see and to pass on.

The third and fourth types of effective dental advertising messages mentioned above are by far the best  messages to open doors and create inroads so that you can then “pitch” your product and service in much the same way.

Again, this is type of dental advertising is a form of viral marketing and definitely a solid paradigm of “other people paying for your dental advertising.”

Really, what could be better?

If you need help to implement this concept of having other people fund your dental advertising initiatives, please contact us to speak with one of our consultants.

Ideas are great – but without a stubborn determination to implement strong dental advertising ideas that you put into practice, your intended goals will never ever be attained! (just ask the 95% of Americans who end up being broke at age 65).

Contact us here on exact steps of implementation for your dental advertising program.

Helmut G Flasch

P.S: Even if you are a cosmetic dentist and wishes to engage in high end cosmetic dental advertising, don’t waste your money on traditional ads. Do it the more elegant and credible way: get other people pay for your dental advertising!

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