Using Free Internet Marketing Strategies to Dominate Google

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Use Google, Youtube and about 50 other large internet entities similar to Youtube to showcase your expertise – all for free!

The Principles Behind Why Google Would Promote a Particular Medical or Dental Practice, or a Business More Than Other Competitors in the Same Field

  1. Companies like Google, Youtube etc are making millions, even billions of dollars because they provide CONTENTS to the public at large. Because of the huge amount of CONTENTS, they attract huge amount of traffic (from me, you and everyone else) which in turn makes it lucrative for advertisers to advertise with them.
  2. Google and many internet companies, unlike traditional media, get their contents from people like you and me, – NOT from reporters. They appreciate good informational contents. Great informational content – not a sales pitch.
  3. Even reporters are going to Google ,Youtube and blogs to search for interesting topics
  4. If you provide contents and real “how-to” information, you are providing what Google is looking for.
  5. Prospects in this new age and time want information and do not want to be sold.

Thus by PROVIDING contents, you will also set your business apart from other competitors who only want to sell, and not educate.

But most importantly, Google will feature YOUR data way more often than anyone else if you provide real data the way they want it

How you can cash in your chips:

  • Provide the needed contents,
  • Provide the content in the format Google wants it
  • Provide the data in LARGE enough quantities,
  • Put this data where Google is looking for (it is not your website)


  • Your contents will show up to 2-5 times on the 1st page of Google, and a few times on 2nd and 3rd page. (Keep in mind that there are only 10 listings on each page and thus your data could be shown as much as 1/3 – 1/2 of all the listings.)
  • Anyone who types in related keywords to your profession will see your contents easily on Google – no advertising on your part needed. We are talking organic – or “Google endorsed” listings for free.

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How To Get Contents Made For You Without You Spending Time at the Computer

Here is something very important about keywords:

There are keywords which are searched in very high quantities. Those are usually major and “all-encompassing” terms–terms such as “dentist” “dentistry” “doctor” etc. Those terms are also called “Short-tail” keywords.

Those are the most searched keywords, and you want to show up on the very top with those keywords. Of course! Submitting the huge quantity of videos will give you this benefit over a relatively short time – no doubt!

But here is a secret you might not know about and thus lose out:

It is difficult at best to be shown several times on page one with all those super highly searched keywords. At least it is difficult to do it very fast.

After all everyone uses them. Every business owner tries hard to use them for their profession.

So, why not travel the road less traveled? (While of course plugging away with the major keywords on the superhighway).

As there are short tail keywords, there are also ‘long tail keywords’.

A long tail keyword is the opposite of the short tail keyword and thus is more detailed in the description (which is also usually longer).

Instead of “dentist”, “gum disease” is used or “dental implants”. These keywords are less searched by people compared to the keyword “dentist” and yet those people who are searching for them are definitely interested in those services.

This is the benefit of long tail keywords.

In short – you will be capturing the market.

You will be dominating the internet in your area.

You will have the advertising power of the likes of Microsoft and Coca Cola in your neighborhood!

You will make YOUR marketing budget irrelevant.

The Internet will finally do what you thought it promised years ago!

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